Day 730 in Fes, 旅 730日目 フェズ
The day for getting to Fes, Adele also intended to came with me. Seemed he wanted to escort. However, I knew he had a very old giant bicycle so was worry if he could make it to Fes. As I thought, his bicycle got its' hub snapped in 2km. Then he got very bad puncture next. I could reaper hub but not for puncture because the hole was really big and bad spot. He still intended to come with me but for me, it's impossible otherwise we would end up before Fes. I explained it would be no possibility to reach to Fes with his bicycle and tried him to understand.


Eventually, he understood. We exchanged our contact, and I left his place.
He didn't expect any from me.
He was just really honest person.

Then I arrived to Fes in the same day. This is a former capital of morocco. From Fes, the Islam had spread around this country. The center of Fes has really complicated allays connection. It's like un-clearable maze.

The area for tanning leather called Tanneri, was the most popular spot for tourists.

People in this area was really suspicious looking. They tried to be friendly and to take us to their souvenir shops.

In the terrace where Tanneri can be seen, people made souvenir shops and place for taking photos. They tried to sell things there but I didn't buy any of cause. I looked around, took some photos and then just left.

I knew the smell of Tanneri when I was in Tetouan. The smell was really strong here as well.

In other allays in old center, annoying men kept coming to me and tried to take me somewhere; for surely it would be souvenir shops or expensive restaurants. It's very tiring and always felt "leave me alone". I spent only one day for old center because people were pretty annoying.

However, I spent in Fes for 4 days total. Its because I got a stomach problem. The reason i thought was that I was really tired by walking in center and had a donut fried by old oil.
In that day, it was second year anniversary for me since I left Bali.


Since I got my stomach problem, I just stayed at the hotel and watched japanese drama. It was really addicting. I felt it's not really good for me because it made me forgetting my bike tour. It's better to watch only once in awhile.
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