Escaped from Fes, フェズ脱出
I watched Japanese drama till episode No.5 and left Fes. Fes was really dusty and smoggy town. I need a flesh air. As I went towered mountain, I could see how the air of Fes was badly hazed out. There was hazy smoke over the Fes.


On the way to Azrou

My image of morocco was dry, rock and desert but there were a lots of forest in the mountains. The sky was so blue. I really enjoyed flesh air.

The lunch I had in the first day. A soup with a lots of beans and a spot of beef costs about $3.
昼休憩で食べたスープと牛の足。25DH 約280円

At the first day, I stopped by Azrou and stayed at a hotel. It was 60DH, about $6 without shower.

Azrou was not a special city for tourists but it was much quieter than Fes.

From Azrou.


As I went up higher, the sky got bluer.

I had a Tajin, a popular moroccan dish with a lots of vegetables and very tender meat. It was the best Tajin so far, costs 25DH.

There were grassland in high elevation area. seemed nomads sat up their tents and fed sheep there.

60km from Azrou, there was the pass. It was almost all way up from Fes, about 150km.

From the pass, I cycled down for 30km and reached to Zeida, a little town where I stayed a night. The hotel I stayed was 60DH without shower; same condition as last night. Looks without shower in cheap hotel is standard in morocco.
In Morocco, there were so many young people in every town. This country is very energetic compare to aging society Japan.
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