A trap of Cheap hotel, 安宿の落とし穴
I got bedbugs last night in the hotel I stayed. I felt like I got a trap of cheap hotel after struggling to find a place to stay yesterday. It's very itching. I couldn't sleep. Eventually, I put my camping mattress on the floor and slept.


I felt very tired next morning. But its no way to stay here longer. I forced myself and left this town.

Cycled 80km towered west along a valley. The road slightly going up.

There were a lots of oasis villages. People were working with donkeys to carry things. There were almost no traffic and only few mini buses and share taxis passed by every once in awhile. It was very relaxing atmosphere.

Chameleon, カメレオン!!!

I didnt plan where I would stay for the night. Since this is not a valley of tourists distention, there were not any hotels or guest houses. In the late afternoon, a man with little girl came to me, and we talked by the road in awhile, general conversation; where I was from and going etc... When I explained that I hadn't planed where I would stay for the night, he offered me to stay his place. I was confident for that he was a good person, so I accepted his invitation.

His name was Mr.Arasid. The little girl was his daughter, Nuhira. He didn't speak any English but I understood him by body language.

Inside of Atlas, seemed women were more beautiful than other towns outside. There were many small villages where I saw beautiful women on my way. In here, Arasid's village was not exceptional. His wife was a beautiful Berber woman as well. However, Berber women was normally very shy and didnt like to be taken photo of them. I couldn't take any photos of women unfortunately. They normally covered their face with black cloth, and used cloth with a lots of colors and some decorations over the top of it. They wore those even they worked in a agricultural lands.

In his place, he treated me with Tajin. I had a dinner with his wife and daughter. I thought It was not normal in Islam culture for a dinner with women as long as i experienced.

His village was in the middle of nowhere so no light in the night. It was very beautiful stars on the sky.

That night, he gave me a tratment for itchey skin by bedbugs last night and let me sleep earlier. I had really good rest.

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