Day2 Moyen Atlas, モワイアンアトラス2日目
The Day2 in Moyen Atlas, I cycled towered a village called Agoudal. It's a bit chilly in the morning because the elevation seemed high enough to drop the temperature.


I thanked to Mr. Arashid's family and left his village. There would be a pass, about 2000m on my way of the day.

The pass has been situated at after the village Outerbate. Everything on my sight was red rock mountains. I remembered mountains in central Asia.

The first village after the pass. There were not any places to have decent lunch on my way, so I stopped by a shop and had yogurt with bread that Mr. Arashid gave me in this morning.

Imilcil, a village nearby was the famous village for where a formal swap-meet festival has been held every year. They made 1000 couples every year during this festival. A man in the shop also found his wife in this festival that he said.

From Agoudal, the road became to gravel. It's even more like a track. I felt a bit nerves whether or not this track was going to be my destination. Some cars passed by every once in awhile gave me clue there would be something on my way.
Agoudal の村にある分岐を西方向に逸れるとここからオフロードが始まる。道というよりは轍。こんなんで合っているのか不安になるが、車がたまに通るからそのまま前進。

In a little while after cycling gravel road, coincidently a man looking familiar to me came down from my way. He was the Japanese guy I met in Midelt. He was on motor bike and biked from Dades gorge where I was heading to. Now, It's clear that I was on the right way.
I was surprised that he came here by his bike with normal tires. This track was very rough gravel.

Today, I surprisingly found a camping ground after I left where I met the Japanese guy. It's a middle of nowhere nothing around but only this camp ground. But it was very lucky I wouldn't need to wild camp because there were nothing I can hide behind; no trees or big rocks.

A young man was in this camp ground. He cooked Tajin for me as dinner.

The stars in the night was of cause very very bright. In high elevation and clear air opened the sky amazingly.

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