Day3 Moyen Atlas, モワイアンアトラス3日目
The day 3 in Moyen Atlas, bypassed to Dades gorge. There were couple of passes on my way. One of them, Tizi-n-Ouan was tough; some steep sections and bad road. This gravel road was continued till a village called Tilmi. Then the road became complexed of gravel and paved sections till where the road meets another road bypassing to Todora gorge.


I left the camp ground after having the omelets the young man cooked for me.

The view of the day was breathtaking. This must be the highlight of cycling in Morocco.

the moving things in here were only goats and me. No traffics at all.

The pass, Tizi-n-Ouano. From here, the long long down hill has been started.
Tizi-n-Ouano この峠を越えると長い長い下りの始まり。

The road was still bad so I couldn't go down fast.

It would be very difficult if I came up from other direction.

Arrived to Tilmi. A lot of children came to me as normally I expected when I went through a village. However, seemed people were different from other villages so far. They are not friendly for good way. They tried to steal things I have. Once a kid stole my stand stick from my rear rack. I found it quickly so could save it. But I felt very bad. Furthermore, there were some kids throwing rocks. It's never happened to me in the other villages so far. The rock they threw has never hit me but I felt really sad. During on my way down in this gorge, it's kept happening once in awhile.

The scenery was on the other hand very beautiful. It remembers me Grand Canyon.

Some section of Dades Gorge was very narrow. This area seemed the distention of where tourists headed. There were many mini buses and land cruisers with tourists running on this section.

I had seen a photo of this switch-back section a long time before when I first started cycling tour; I think it was 2008. Since then, I'd been thinking to come here to see this.

In this day, I found a hotel in the gorge, 100DH includes dinner and breakfast. The photo was Cuscus I had as dinner.

It was really a big day with annoying kids and rough gravel road. I was very tired so had slept like baby
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