Day4 Moyen Atlas, モワイアンアトラス4日目
The day4 in Moyen Atlas. It was the last day for crossing Moyen Atlas. In that morning, i forgot my stand wooden stick at the hotel. I remembered it after cycled 7km and went back. It made extra 14km. This wooden stick was not just a stick. It's already become a part of my memory since Bulgaria where I found it. The day had been started with such a small accident.


There were some Islamic fortress called Kasba in this area. Kasba, the unique Berber place to live can be only seen in south of Atlas.

Still annoying kids kept coming. Just need to ignore these. I understand that of cause, not all people are the same way. However, I felt very nervous when I saw some group of children.

In this day, I reached to the main highway. The river became wider, and oasis got bigger.

Tajin. I was tired of Moroccan dish already. They don't have food culture. Alway few choices for eating..... I kept remembering a deep pork fried japanese dish, a typical Japanese dish Katudon.

This highway seemed a main passage for tourists going to desert tour, so half of traffics carried tourists.

I met three different cyclists on this highway. We stopped and talked every time. I saw many cyclists in Europe, but we had almost never stopped. I was really enjoying talking to other cyclists. Wished they went same way so we could go together.

The Oasis.
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