Haut Atlas, オートアトラス
From today, I start to work on Haut Atlas, one of the Atlas ranges in the middle. It's a bit frustrating that I needed to cross the mountain again, but I planed to do things in Marrakech, a city in the other side of Haut Atlas.


I took a local route on the way to the pass. There was the very famous Kasba called Ait-Ben-Haddou in just where the local road started. It is one of UNESCO sights in Morocco.

This is not the special Kasba for royal family or kings but bigger and better in shape than others.
Ait-Ben-Haddou have been used on some famous films such as Arabian Roren.

There were no cheap hotels in the area of Unesco sight. However, I found a camp ground so stayed there at the night.

Since Ait-Ben-Haddou was a world recognized UNESCO sight, seemed many Japanese tour companies put here on their schedule. When I was having a breakfast at the cafe next morning, a Japanese tour group found me a Japanese cyclist and talked to me. It's been a quite awhile since I talked to someone in Japanese last time. One gentleman came to me after the group left. He said "Good Luck" in Japanese and gave me 100DH. I felt more energy from my body than before. It's because not money because what he said.

The road has started going up from this point. I headed to the pass called Tizi-n-Tichka 2260m.
おじさん、おばさんからパワーを頂いたところで本格的にオート・アトラス越え。ここから峠のTizi-n-Tichka 2260m を目指す。

The valley along the road was really beautiful; many Kasba remained.

The road became pretty bad after awhile so I couldn't pick up speed. I gave up to cross Tizi-n-Tichka in one day and decided to camp before. I camped out about 10km before the pass and then in the next morning I crossed. There were very few traffic in early in the morning so it was less stress. It would be very stressful if the traffic got busy since the road was very narrow and not much space for cyclists.
道が悪いのとアップダウンが結構あって一日で峠のTizi-n-Tichka を越えるのは断念。峠手前10km程で野宿し、翌日早朝に峠を越えた。峠手前で国道と合流。朝早い時間だったので交通量もなくあっさり峠越え。道幅が狭くて大型も通るから交通量があるとかなりストレスな道だったと思う。

より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 1 を表示
There was souvenir shops at the top. People were preparing for the day. I bought couple of morocco stickers for my bicycle.

I have been collecting stickers for all countries where I've been. a problem is that there is no much space left on my bike frame. Lets see how much I can continue.

The road on the way down towered Marrakech was very winding. Tourists in the buses that i saw when they passed me by looked very tired always.

I cycled 120km on that day and reached to Marrakech. It was almost all the way down. I took only 6.5h for such distance. Now I can take a decent rest and get to prepare for the next.
この日は120km 走って一気にマラケシュに着いた。Tizi-n-Tichka からは一ヶ所小さな峠があっただけで他は下るか平坦な道で6時間半で走り来る事ができた。予定より早いマラケシュ到着。ここで小休憩をとって先の準備をする事にする。
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