Resting??in Marrakech, マラケシュで休憩?
Resting days in Marrakech.

Funa square, the center of old center. Soooo many people, especially from the late afternoon, many people come here from somewhere. There was many street performers in this square, and people come here to watch them.

Some performers do pretty nice traditional dance or music, and some just do whatever they can do. It's funny to see what they do here. Just need to make sure no to take photos of performers closely in case they ask very expensive tips. I saw a europium couple who took a photo of performers with snakes and were asked 100DH for three of them.

I had a plate of a goat brain.

In Medina, old center was like a maze. There were so many people as well and very energetic. People, trucks, cars, three wheels bikes, bicycle, sheep, cows, cats and dogs were all in same street. This is absolutely called Chaos.

This is not really relaxing place. Actually, I found that there would be no relaxing town in Morocco except camping in small village or mountain. The only place where I relax is the hotel I'm staying now. My hotel, El Amal shown on my guide book was located in a quiet street close to Funa. It costs 70DH reasonably.
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