Applying for Senegal Visa, セネガルビザ申請
The last thing I needed to be done in Marrakech was to apply Senegal Visa. We didn't need to have a visa to go to Senegal till 1st of July, 2013 but the government of Senegal changed their policy and now required visas for citizen of many countries.


It needs to be done by online. Here is URL

As you go to Biometric Visa, just need to follow their instructions and pay €50 by a credit card. They don't have double or multiple entry visa for some reason. I asked embassy of Senegal in Rabat but they were not sure why. A Japanese tourist I know told me that she got a double entry visa at the border, so I will try when I get there.

このページにあるBiometric Visaという所から申請をする。費用は€50でシングルしかない。以前も書いたが、モロッコの領事館や大使館ではビザ業務は行っていない。先を行く日本人の旅行者によれば国境で$5ほど払ってダブルにしてもらえたらしい。自分も後日国境でお願いして見る事にする。

For my case, as a cyclist, I need to get it at the border post of Rosso, the Mauritania border. There were some other possibilitis to get a visa in the world, but Morocco and Mauritania were not the options they had.

Before applying, you need to have some documents to upload.
1. Copy of passport
2. Reservation of an air ticket
3. Reservation of a hotel
4. Credit card

These documents, 1, 2 and 3 need to be uploaded with JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF file.

1. パスポートの顔写真ページ
2. 航空券の予約表
3. ホテルの予約表
4. 決済用のクレカ

1.2.3は申請していく中でアップロードする必要があるのでJPG / PNG / GIF / PDFのいずれかのファイル形式で準備する必要有。

I planed to fly to Kenya from Dakar so purchased an air ticket. Also booked a hotel but without putting credit card info so I can cancel after.
As a cyclist, it's hard to define when to get a destination especially if it is far away.

After completed registration format, I received an email with attachment like obove. .

Then, you will receive confirmation message after few days. It will be the Pre-Visa

I got all my jobs done. Since I applied visas and got an air ticket, I won't be able to stop for long term from now.

より大きな地図で Estimate route in Africa アフリカルート予定 を表示

It's 1600km from Marrakech to Mauritania border. From some point of my way, I need to cross Sahara desert. It will be a big challenge.
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