The last pass Tizi-n-test, 最後の峠Tizi-n-Test
I stayed in Marrakech for 6 nights total. I didn't like this town. People were not very nice like Fes. If I've visited only tourist towns of Morocco, I hated this country. I was lucky that I had a bicycle and could visit to some remote areas where I met nice people.


From Marrakech, I planed to keep going south. There will be a pass, Tizi-n-Test on my way. I had a choice to go west to avoid the high mountains but would chose the mountain to see nice mountain view rather than easy coast line. Tizi-n-Test will be the last decent high pass of my journey. There won't be any big mountain pass on my way.


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Anyway, I left Marrakech and headed to Tizi-n-Test.

The first day, I cycled 80km and camped near a shop of a village. Then next day, i started climbling. The last 30km was very winding upping hill.

Before the pass, I coinsidently met 4 moroccan cyclists. They were on same direction, so we cycled together to Tizi-n-Test. They were from Casablanca. They started from Marrakech to the village where Nouman's family live; Nouman was one of Moroccan cyclists. Kindly, Nouman asked me to stay his home for that night, so I decided to stay his home.


Passing Tizi-n-Test with these guys. I was at the last because I had a luggages.


Tizi-n-Test, the last over 2000m pass in my jorney.

On the way to the pass, the road was very narrow but few traffics. It looked the same for going down. I really needed to watch my way carefully. According to these guys, this road was the most denjorouse passage in morocco.


On the way down lasts 40km without any upping hill. Just kept going down. They went down very fast, but I was going slowly because it was too scare to go down such a bad and narrow down hill.


We had Nouman's bike got flat on our way but could make it to his village just right before completely getting dark.

途中でノウマンの自転車がパンクしたりなんかしたけれど、何とか真っ暗になる前に彼の実家があるOlad Berhilに到着した。

To be continue 続く
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