Sacrifice festival of Morocco, モロッコで犠牲祭
The islamic holiday, sacrifice festival called here Ali Adha was still on going in the date we arrived to Nouman's village. His family and relatives welcomed us, even I'm a stranger from oversea. In this Islamic festival, people kill sheep and spread these meat to relatives and neighbors. I've heard that one small sheep costs $100, and a big one costs over $300.


When I was in Marrakech, it was the first day of this festival. The first day is for killing sheep. In the morning of that day, I was on the terrace of the hotel. I heard a lot of sheep crying everywhere. Then by the noon, the sound of sheep has been stopped. As I walked on a street after, there were many skin of sheep piled up on the street. These skins would use for leather crafts like wallets or bags.


Back to Nouman's home. As we were the guest and it was one of the most important Islamic holiday, there were massive amount of dinner prepared at his home.


The head of a sheep was a bit shocking appearance, but it was very delicious. We ate it very quickly till eyeball and brain all gone because we were the hungry cyclists.


We had more other dishes like a sheep meat stew and sheep meat barbecue etc.. It was more than enough to make all of us very very full.


Nouman and other his friends were all about 30 years old. We were pretty much all the same generation, so it was easy for me to get along with. We had a really fun night.


In the next day, I was supposed to leave his home. However, they convinced me to have a sheep meat cuscus at the lunch. I stayed. Eventually, I stayed one more night again.

翌日、出発するつもりでいたのだけれど、昼はクスクスだよ~ って誘われ、ズルズル居座り結局もう一泊させてもらう事になった。クスクスも羊クスクス。

His father, he was wheelchair, gave me a tour around the village by his special motor bike. He took me his relatives. I had another cuscus and home-baked bread with Algan sauce.


Algan plants are only glowing in south of Morocco.

The oil from this plant is super expensive. It might cost over $100 for a little amount.


In that day, we had sheep meat again at the dinner. I had more than 10 sticks. I felt I was ready enough to cross Sahara desert.


From tomorrow, I will start cycling again. It was really nice meeting with them. Actually, I had started feeling very tired of Moroccan since I had stayed in Marrakech where many annoying people live. However, as I met Nouman, other friends and his family, this experience recovered the image of Moroccan. Thank you Nouman and friends!! I think every country has ass wholes especially in touristic area. Morocco is not exceptional. I should keep it in my mind.


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