Left Nouman's home, ノウマン宅出発
I thanked to Nouman and his father and left his village. His father gave me a hug and said "Nishi Allah" that meant "God Bless you" in Arabic. I felt a bit sad but need to move on.

ノウマンとノウマン父に見送られて出発。ノウマン父が別れ際に何度も「ニシィ アラー」と言ってくれた。アラビア語で神様のご加護がありますようにという意味。ありがたい。すごく寂しそうな顔をするので、すごく後ろ髪を引かれる思いがしたけれど先に進まないといけない。

In this day, I cycled 120km to the West. Looked massive amount of sheep meat I had during my stay of Nouman's home boosted my legs.

ノウマンの村Olad Berhilから単調な直線道路をひたすら西に向かって、この日は120kmも走った。やはりあれだけ羊肉を食べたからこんな走れたのだろうか。

I stayed at a cheap hotel in Ait-Melloul, and then next day started going south again. From this point, my route stays along west coast of Africa till Dakar. The view became more dry and no many trees and farmlands.


The rode became one lane from 30km before Tiznit. There were quite few trucks and buses going by, so I felt a bit stressed. The road construction was not well done by good engineering, so it's not comfortable to ride.


I cycled 80km and reached to Tiznit. This town was the provincial capital. There were plenty of services available. I found a really nice hotel there; cheap, clean, bathroom inside and wi-fi in the room. It cost only 60DH, about $7.

80km走ってこの日の目的地Tiznitに到着。県庁所在地的な町なので物が豊。宿はバス•トイレ付きで、WiFi飛んでて、全てが綺麗。それでいて60DH, 700円と正にモロッコで最強の宿だった。

Hotel Mauritania was the best hotel I've stayed in Morocco. I felt I wanted to stay one more night, but I moved next day because it was only 2 days from Nouman's home.


Next day, I was supposed to head to Bouizakarne, but remembered right before I take off that Nouman had told me the route to Sidi Ifni would be better. Then I changed the route to Nouman's suggestion.


より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 1 を表示

It was quite hilly on the way since this area was still a part of Anti Atlas. Then I reached to the coast after cycling awhile. this is the Atlantic ocean.


Other side of this ocean is south America. The waves were so big since there were no protections in out of ocean.


The vegetation of coast line was unique. There were many kind of cactuses.


After cycling 75km, I arrived to Sidi-Ifni. I smelled fishing harbor and cooking fish when I got there. This town was very compact and not very crowded like other typical Moroccan towns. I liked the mood of here.


Looked similar to Chefchauen

A market for fish

The main street

Sidi-Ifni looked a quite nice place to chill out. There were everything in center where I could walk from the hotel I checked in. My hotel was really cheap, 30DH about $3.5., and it was clean enough for that price.


A man in the hotel told me that at the harbor in the noon, I would be able to see wholesale fish market. That sounded very fun to watch, so
I decided to stay here couple of days to look around.

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