Fishing Harbor in Morocco, モロッコの漁港
Today is for resting and sightseeing in Ifni. I don't see much of tourists in this town. Actually, there was some caravan parks in here.


The guy of the hotel told me that many tourists on motohomes would come from November. These Europeans stay here till spring.


They don't normally come to the town because there is everything in caravanparks. I don't know if it's good way to stay here.


Anyway, I went to the fishing harbor today. The guy of the hotel told me it was possible to walk, so I started walking before noon.

However, it was not close. I walked along the beach for 40min.

This harbor was not like fishing harbors in Japan. They had only small boats. I thought it would be very denjorouse to go out of such a rough ocean.


In the early afternoon, fisherman started coming back. There were full of fish inside of their boats.


Seemed this ocean was very good fishing. I saw many kinds of fish. I've never seen these kind at the restaurants I stopped by so far.

かなり好漁場なようです。アジ、サバ、タイ、カツオ、タチウオ、サメ等 大漁ですね。このサイズの魚はレストランなんかでは見た事ないけど、何処に行くのでしょうか。

This harbor had a decent wholesale market. People were making prices after.


I got hungrily since I had been watching fish. I walked back to the town again and then had a fish Tajin.

The fish caught today were at the market by evening.

The light house in this town.

The sunset
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