Start crossing Sahara Desert, サハラ砂漠縦断開始
Sidi-Ifni was a nice place to chill out. I liked here a lot. People were not trying to rip me off, and fish was tasty. If there was a cheap hotel with Internet connection, this town was perfect.
In the morning, I thanked to the hotel guy and left this town. He was a really nice person.


From now, I start to cross Sahara Desert. I had crossed many deserts in the world such as in china, central Asia and Iran, but Sahara is the biggest. The distance I need to cross will be approximately 2000km to south. This huge desert stretches till Egypt to east. What a huge desert Sahara is.

より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 1 を表示
As you look at this map, the area of Sahara colored all dry. I am now in about north west end of Sahara desert. It's not very fun to cross a desert, so why I will. It's because crossing desert itches my adventure sprit like Tibet and Pamir high lands.


After I left Sidi-Ifni, kept cycling till hit to the main highway.

56km from town, Reached to Guelmim. This town looked as a town created by putting a lot of boxes on chess board. It must be a small oasis village before. From this point, the distance between towns will become more than 100km long.

Guelmim had a livestocks market, and there was even camels. Camels I've seen in Asia were two top, but here African camels have one top.

Trucks carrying a lot of hays.

For tonight, I planed to camp at the cafe 50km from Guelmim if the information i had researched was correct.

As I kept cycling in desert, there was couple of cafes in middle of nowhere. Those were where i wanted. The mountain wizard looking a old man was at the one of cafes. I asked for camping. He pointed to a corner of the cafe and expressed for sleeping. Seemed he let me sleep inside.

He asked me 20DH. I thought it was free but was even okay for that. I slept inside of cafe this night. However, I regretted that I decided sleeping inside. This cafe was 24h open, and it was for resting place for long haul truckers. People came in and out till morning. I couldn't sleep much. Having good sleep and a lot of food are very important for long distance cycling. If one of them is not enough, it makes a problem for the next day.
I should have chosen camping really.
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