Today is for cycling along the coast. My plan was to go 91km to Sidi-Akhfennir.


This coast was not like a beautiful beach. It was cliffs all the way. The cliff scraped by big waves drops 30m to the ocean.


There were many people fishing from such a cliff. Looked very risky fishing.


People kept fishing at the top of cliffs. They don't feel fear.


At the point of 70km from start, there was three gasoline stations. They had a restaurant as well.
I got a police check in this point. I had another one in this morning, so it was second time. I guessed it's because I was getting close to West Sahara.


I found a hole before the town.

It was a sink hole.

As like yesterday, arrived to the town by late afternoon. There were four different hotels as long as I saw. I checked in Hotel Paris Dakar.
It cost 60DH and included bathroom inside.

Sidi-Akhfennirには夕方に到着した。宿は4件あって最初に入ったHotel Paris Dakarにチェックイン。60DHでバストイレ完備。

They surprisingly had WiFi, so I could check messages. I had received a Pre-Visa for Senegal. It was taking a long time to be processed. Actually, I had contacted to Sendai, a company processing visa applications, by Skype when I was in Sidi-Ifni. Finally I got all documents sat.


Drinking coca cola is always the best after cycling.


Sidi-Akhfennir had a beach right behind the town center. It's quite relaxing place.


At this night, I met a local man working as a teacher in this town. He spoke English, so I asked some questions.
The most curious thing I wanted to ask was how people manage water here. He told me that in this region, all drinking water was brought by trucks from TanTan, a town I passed through and for oasis town pumping fresh water. Other water for washing or cleaning things is from a di-salting factory.
There were some big towns in Sahara desert, but water is still very important for the people.


I guessed why towns in Sahara region had been created for 100km distance between.

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