The legendary Wind, 伝説の風
There is the legendary wind in Sahara. Many cyclists had been helped by this wind blowing from North.


I had been normally getting north west wind, so it had been strong side wind and a little bit of tale wind for me so far.


From Tarfya, the road starts going south. I felt strong north wind in the morning. When I reached to the main highway, the strong north wind had started pushing me. I was like an airplane. The speed was getting faster and faster. Then my average speed became 27km/h.


As my legs got strong enough, the speed became 30km/h average. This is the legendary wind.


I cycled 50km very quickly, and crossed the border of West Sahara. There was only a monument of the border in the town, Tah.


Tah was like a small community. They had a few shops and restaurants. I bought a bottle of Coca-Cola for the lunch.

There were nothing changed after getting into West Sahara. Only change was the wing got even stronger.


This day, I cycled 110km in 4.5h and arrived to Laayoune. 100km makes normally 6h riding for me, so I will be able to make 150km in one day easily if this strong north wind keeps blowing. I should think about the schedule of the day in depending on how the wind is.


In Laayoune, I had planed to have some resting. I didn't have anything important to do except printing out some documents for Senegal visa.

I couldn't believe how there were everything in such a town in middle of desert.

They had a big market streets.

A lots of vegetables and frouts.

A camel sitting on a street.

I found a strange looking "Japanese pudding" made in Morocco at a supermarket.

Babies hanged up from the roof.

They had plenty of cheap restaurant.

Seemed there were even more jobs in Laayoune than other town in north; many constructions going on. I saw a lots of men with big luggages.

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