West Sahara, 西サハラ
After staying only two nights, I left Laayoune. Its because of that I started wanting to visit Gambia. I have received good information that I will be able to get a double or multiple entry visa for Senegal at the border. That means I can visit to Gambia and come back into Senegal.


From Laayoune, the towns or service stations where I can fill up live-supplies will be a few. I need to move carefully. Next a decent city will be Boujdour which is 190km from here. There, I hope, will be a service station 110km from here, so I planed to camp in this place.


Once I left town, everything around became dry desert again.

After strong wind, the sands covered roads. They need to remove it every time.


I covered all of my body with cloth to avoid strong sun.


I got the strong tale wind again and reached to the service station quickly.


There was a restaurant, so I could have a Tajin.

They let me camp behind the building. It was a nice spot.


Next day, I cycled for 80km to Boujdour.

Why they put a sign of bicycle in middle of desert. I don't think there were any cyclists except I am.
こんな砂漠の真ん中に普通自転車走ってませんから~ 俺以外は

The strong wind still helped me, so I got to Boujdour by noon. There were so many flags of Morocco. Ive heard that they would have a festival soon. A lots of police men were there as well for the same reason.
In that night, I saw a man screaming and saying "something Sahara", and then as soon as he passed the road in front of the restaurant where I had a dinner, many police men and crowd came to this men. It was a very weird moment. This showed the current situation of issue between Morocco and West Sahara.


West Sahara was used to be a part of Spanish territory. After Spain abandoned West Sahara, it was ruled by Morocco and Mauritania. Polisario supported by Algeria came to this point for independency. They, at the beginning, attacked to Mauritania. Eventually, Mauritania abandoned its' territory. Meanwhile, Morocco sent their troops to this part and occupied all over the West Sahara. Since 1979, West Sahara has been occupied.


After some negotiations by united nation, they made an agreement to hold an erection for independency, but it has never been true yet. Morocco government has been building so many infrastructures in this region to make established facts. That makes things more complicated.
In short, West Sahara is in same situation as Tibet where Chinese government has been abusing Tibet culture.


The thing I saw in Boujdour was showing a part of this issue. There had been some insurrection in this region. This is an unstable area.

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