Hot-spring in Sahara, サハラの温泉
I eventually stayed for 2 nights in the service station. There was couple of reasons. One was the wind; the south wind got even stronger next day. Second was second floor of service station where i stayed was pretty comfortable. I thanked a lot for people there letting me stay. I could maintain my bicycle and get my laundry done.


The Next destination was also a service station at 88km from here.

より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 2 を表示

Desert desert desert. Only I saw was desert. Today was a bit more hills.


There was another service station at 30km from start. Couple of soldiers found me and checked my passport. They were talking on the phone and saying something about me. I didn't care much about it. I checked for the next service station. They told me there would be the one about 60km from here.


After I left here and cycled 50km, I arrived to the town named Anzaran. It was not actual town. It was only basement. The service station where I want to go is still 8km away.
In this town, a guy called me when I just tried to pass through. I thought he was a police or soldier, but seemed he was not. He told me that the soldier I met at the service station in this morning called his phone and asked him to let me stay his place.

ここを出て走る事 50km、Anzaranという建設中の町に着いた。今日宿泊予定のガソリンスタンドはここからさらに8km先にある。すると道路脇からおじさんに呼び止められた。最初またパスポートチェックかと思い止まって話を聞くと、何やら朝軍の人からサイクリストが来るから泊まらせてやってくれと話を受けていたらしい。

I was taken to his place by the highway. In this place, I met couple of soldiers and saw UN sign on the building. Seemed this place was used to belong to united nation.


I found some photos of cyclists inside of the building. He must have had cyclists like me in the past.


He suggested me to take a shower and brought me to a place where pumps were.


As he opened a bulb by a big monkey wrench, a lot of water came out from a pipe. I touched it. It was surprisingly hot. It was a hot spring!! Actually I've smelled of sulfur when I came into the pump room.


The temperature was about 35℃. As it's sulfur spring, it made my skin very smooth after.
Who can expect having a hot spring in sahara desert. It's hard to believe.


I saw some truck drivers stopped by and had a shower here. Seemed some local people knew it.


At this night, he cooked a Tajin. I had been helped so many people these days....


His name was Ahoud. He maintained this basement town.

If any cyclists who saw this blog in the future, this town is a good stop. Dakhla, an another big town in West Sahara, is only 118km away.

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