Watch out for the scorpion, サソリにご注意
It was really refreshing taking the hot bath last night. My skin was still smooth.
From here, it's about 118km to Dakhla. Normally, cyclists stopped by this city for resting, but I decided not to stop here.


より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 2 を表示
There were some reasons. As you look at the map, Dakhla is a town in the tip of peninsula. If I want to go there, I need to make 40km side trip. I didn't want that.
Another reason was that there would be a village, where I could buy food and water on my way, so its not necessary to go to Dakhla.
The last reason was for getting online. There would be a hotel with WiFi about 85km before the Mauritania border, so I would be able to check messages before crossing the border.
All of things I wanted to do in Dakhla can be done on my way.


Anyway, today has been started.

I am reaching 40,000km soon. I remembered I had wondered how far people can go by land when I was a little boy about elementary school, At that time, central Asia and Balkan countries had been on conflicts, so I had thought it's impossible for people to go through.
Today, I can come to Africa all the way by land.
I will skip all central part of Africa since there were still many unsafe areas. However, some cyclists have crossed all the way to South Africa by land. It is crazy and very impressive.


Back to my plan for today. I planed to cycle 120km to a village. I hoped I could pitch my tent somewhere there.
After cycling 80km, reached to the intersection with the road goes to Dakhla. I had a police check.

There was a service station with a restaurant and a shop nearby the intersection. I was thinking of drinking coca-cola while riding. However, it was very disappointing both of them had been closed.


1400km to Dakar

from the intersection, I cycled 40km to the my destination of the day. There were some restaurants and shops. I asked a person if I could camp here. However, since this area was inside of military territory, they didn't allow me to stay there.


I found a soldier speaking English after awhile so asked where I could possibly camp.
He told me there would be a service station 4km from here.
Seemed it was only choice I can take for that night. I went to this station and asked for camping. It was not problem.
This station was small, so I first tried to find a spot behind the building. I was checking around and cleaning up a spot where I can avoid the wind.


Then I saw a scorpion!! It was very nasty looking; small and black. It must be a very poisonous.
I decided not to camp on this spot. I eventually pitched my tent in front of the cafe. It would be much safer.

サソリーーー!! うぇ~ 気持ち悪い。小さくて黒くていかにも猛毒持ってそう。こんな場所で野宿して間違って刺されでもしたら明日の朝ミイラになっちまう。仕方ない、今日はガソリンスタンドの表で野宿。背に腹はかえられません。
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