Challenge for 160km, 160kmの挑戦
Since I passed a big town, Dakhla, there were not much traffic during the night. I unexpectedly slept well even though my camp spot was in front of the cafe.


According to an information I found online, there would be a service station 100km from here. That's where I planed to stay for the night.


Crossing Tropic of cancer. I don't think it was accurate though.


Strange plants

After I took off and cycled 45km, I arrived to another service station.
I stopped by for asking information to make sure my information was correct.


I asked workers there. They told me there would be nothing till the service station 160km from this point.
It was strange that my information from Internet is different from what they said.
After awhile, police men came to this station, so I asked them for the same question.
They told me the same as what workers said.


I thought it would be risky to believe Internet information. Cycling for 160km from now was impossible.
I decided to stop here and asked for staying one night. They told me it was not problem and let me stay a room for prayers.


This service station had a sign of restaurant, but they didn't have anything, so I cooked a dinner by own cooking stove.


Next day, It will be the longest distance I needed to make in one day;160km. I woke up 6:30. It's still completely dark outside. Now, the daylight is short. The sun goes up about 7:30 and sets 18:00. I needed to take off as soon as the sun went up.


I left before sun-rise. It was very nice to cycle with watching sun coming up. It was even strong tale wind.


Passing by nice dunes.

The sands of this area was whitish. It made different scenery.


The nice green ocean. A small fishing boat was on his way to fishing point. It's getting closer to my image of Africa.

I got enough time by strong tale wind so had a lunch at a beach.

My usual lunch menu.

I saw many camels.

I took only 7 hours and a bit for 160km. It was twice as easy as when I cycled 145km in head wind.
This is the town named Bir Gandouz, a town 85km from Mauritania border.

伝説の風に大分助けられて、160kmを7時間ちょっとで走り切る事ができた。この前微向かい風で145km走った時の方が倍辛かった。到着したのはBir Gandouzというモーリタニア国境から85kmにある集落。

As i expected, there was the hotel with WiFi. They were located 500m down from the entrance of the town.


It looked expensive fancy hotel but cost only 100DH. This was good deal. They had a restaurant and shop. This place was good point of resting and preparing for Mauritania.

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