Nouadhibu, ヌアディブ
Nouadhibu was not fun place to see. Mainly, what I could see in town was rubbish, sand and goats. Only thing I thought interesting was fishing harbor.


There was some big fish sold in the wholesale market.

As I went farther inside of harbor, there was many boats for octopuses. I recognized it was for octopuses because each boats carried a lot of octopus pots.


Actually, the main trading partner of octopus from Mauritania is Japan. It was not really known among us. In Mauritania, they don't really eat octopus so most of them are shipped after processing.


As I went even farther south of Nouadhibu, there was the international port where a big container ship could be docked.
I saw some sign of Chinese company there. As I expected, seemed many Chinese have been setting up their businesses here in Africa.


I found a Chinese restaurant nearby my stay. The price was higher than normal Mauritanian dish, but I tried. Its because i missed asian food so much.


It was really nice fried rice. I'm impressed chinese intelligence of cooking. They can make same taste of fried rice to mainland of China in Mauritania.

I had also Mauritanian dish. Seems They have a custom of eating rice which surpises me. I asked a dish with rice another day at a restaurant.


Fish dish with rice. 700 Ouluglya, about $2.
米の上に魚が乗ったシンプルな料理。でもやっぱり米と魚は美味いっす。700ウギア 約200円

Next day, camel meat with rice at the same restaurant.

It was a bit animal smelling, so I didn't really like it. 700 Ouluglya.

Their water was surprisingly drinkable. Each house had a pump. Seemed they had enough water surpry in underground.


I did nothing special in this town. From tomorrow, I will be on the road again. I need to check where I can get water and food and also safe place to stay cardully.

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