Cycled 40,000km, 4万キロの男
I am heading to Nouakchott, the capital city of Mauritania.
I was actually unsure that I tried to cycle or skipped all Mauritania by taking public transport. It was because security situation here. I investigated carefully and now decided to cycle.


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Nouadhibu is also located the tip of peninsula, so I needed to be back same way if I want to cycle. Instead of going back same way by bicycle, I asked the taxi to bring me and bike to the intersection with the road going to Morocco. It saves times and energy for 40km.


The taxi driver asked me 10000 Ouluglya at first. It was way expensive. Through some negotiation, the price was dropped to 4000. It was still expensive but I was deal with this price.


I was dropped at the intersection and started cycling. The road went east, and the wind came from east. It was headed wind for 30km.
This east wind brings very hot air, so It was hard work.


This train is called the Iron train, the longest train in the world. It is as long as 2km.
The train brings iron from inland to Nouadhibu. Iron mining makes the biggest income of Mauritania.
When the train passed by, it made huge dust. If I took my camera out, it would be broken right away.


Today, I reached to the total distance 40000km. This is one of the biggest news of my journey.

Equator is about 40000km, so I cycled same distance of it now. It was the date 748. My bike is still in good shape. I hope it runs another 7000km.

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