Grass Land of Sahara, 草原のサハラ砂漠
I camped at the Gendarme, military post yesterday after cycled 108km from the junction where I was dropped.


In Mauritania, there were many security check points by police and military. I have seen those posts every 50 to 100km on the main highway.
It might be time consuming for cars and motor bikes, but for us as cyclists, it is important place to ensure security.


This highway, I think it's called Trans Sahara is the only the road now where people can transport by land from Europe.
It is really important for Africans and Europeans both.
Now, this route has been threaten by terrorism. Especially now, French peacekeepers has been on Sahara Region of Mali.
This is the reason there were so many checks.


Okay, today has been started. I needed to keep going till Nouakchott.

The sand in Mauritania looked softer and smoother than Western Sahara. I have seen more sand dunes here. Also, surprisingly, there were more grass and small trees in here.
I would say this was "Steppe" not desert.
I have heard later on that it had been plenty of raining last month. It triggered the short green season for Sahara Desert.


I thought there would be no one live in desert, but there were life. Nomads pitched their tents on this grass land. Goats, sheep and camels were grazing.


I cycled 121km today. There were supposed to be a checkpoint but not. Seemed it had been moved 30km away.
I gave up to cycle another extra. I asked a nomad for camping. They let me sleep in the tent they don't use.


People who live in a house are rare in this country. Many people live in tents.


At the late afternoon, I heard the music of Mauritania. That sound was really Africa. The sun was going down into boundless horizon. I felt really enjoying traveling Africa.

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