Boundless Horizon, まだ続く地平線
This point was about the middle of between Nouadhibu and Nouakchott.


I have been cycling and cycling towered boundless horizon for hundreds kilometers. I've never kept seeing such a flat horizon in my life.


Camels.. How many camels I have seen... a lot

The sand buries anything.

In Mauritania, people transports anything by small Taxis.

As the highway went close to the ocean, I started seeing people selling dry fish along the road.
It costs 1000 oulugya, about $3 for one. It was expensive, but I bought it since my food stock was running out.
In this village, I asked people for some water as well. I got 10 litters for 1000 Oulugya.

だんだんと幹線道路が海に近づいてくると、道沿いの集落では干し魚が売られるようになって来た。1匹 1000ウギアとかなり高額だったけれど、食料が大分少なくなったので補給しておいた。
その他にも水を10ℓ 1000ウギアで譲ってもらい、魚缶も大分高かったけれど補給。ジャガイモとかニンジン、卵なんかはどこにも売ってない。

It was really hot day. When the east wing is strong, it brings really hot air from middle of Sahara desert. It nabs my energy.
It was the time for Red-bull. I hide it in my bag.


Have cycled for 111km. I stayed at a military checkpoint again. It was 96km away from Nouakchott.
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