Nouakchott, ヌアクショット到着~
Today, I finally arrived to Nouakchott. Suddenly, a big city has been appeared on the horizon. It was the capital of Mauritania, Nouakchott.


I normally don't like to be in a big city, but not for this time. I felt stress free by crossing empty unstable area.


I run straight in to a restaurant and had a rice dish. It was really nice.


This dish was not actually from Mauritania. It was from Senegal called Chap Chap.


Nouakchott didn't really look the "capital" people normally image of. This city was like being built on sand.

A lot of pot holes. scary.

The sand covers many part of the city. There were no space for bicycle, so it was difficult to go through the city center.


The main road was a bit better because there was some asphalt without sand, but as you see other roads, it's totally covered by sand.

Seemed this was the capital, many people

This is my bed in Nouakchott, Auberge Menata.
やっとたどり着いたヌアクショットでの宿 Auberge Menata。

Pitching tent on the terrace costs 2000 Ouluglya. They had a nice open space and shade. I loved it.

I need to do something in this city. The first is to visit Senegal embassy to ask if I can obtain visa here. The second is to get the Gambia visa.
Today is Saturday, so all official work is closed. I will start to work on those from Monday. By then, it's resting time.
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