Visa for Senegal and Gambiaセネガルとガンビアビザ
Unexpectedly, I received my visa at the embassy of Senegal in Nouakchott.


Without ordering, my visa was three month multiple entry.
What I brought was Registration Respite and Pre-Enrollement that I had received after online application. Also one photo and copy of pasport were needed.

持って行ったのは、ネット申請後に受け取ったRegistration Respite と Pre-Enrollement 写真1枚とパスポートコピー1枚。午前中に行ってすぐに出してくれた。

I went with a korian and Japanese man. They told me they applied without aploading their flight ticket and hotel booking confermation and just payed by online.
They had no difficulty to apply their visa at the embassy and got the visa next day.

一緒に行った韓国人と日本人の旅行者はネット申請で航空券や宿情報もアップロードせず金だけ払って、そのRegistration Respiteを持って行き申請。翌日には受け取りを出来ていた。

I think the online process of Senegal visa is just for letting people to pay online. As long as you pay, it doesn't matter if you upload air ticket and booking confermation.
It should have been much easier if I just paied without uploading documents.


Anyway, I got Senegal visa. Next is The Gambia. It was really easy.
I got 20 days multiple entry visa. I waited only one day.

They asked me two photos and 10000 Oulugya which was about $25.


I surprisingly got everything done in Nouakchott. It makes more easier for me to travel.

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