Crossing Senegal border, セネガル国境越え
I thanked to the man who let me stay at his place and a guy at a shop in the village and left. It was good meeting them before I leave Mauritania.


The way to the border was still bad road with corrugation.

より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 2 を表示

The border was really small. I couldn't believe it was the proper border.

I couldn't find who gave me the stump for departure.
Seemed a guy who lay on his back with legs outstretched was in charge.
He grasped my passport, looked at it and asked me to pay €10 for the fee. What kind of fee it is. I rejected to pay for this money because it must go into his pocket after.
Eventually, he gave up and stumped on my passport. Of cause, it was his duty.


I crossed the Senegal river and went to the Senegal side of immigration.


It was also small unreliable looking border. I couldn't find a person in charge. Seemed a guy talking on the phone outside was the person.
He came into his office and sat down his chair. He looked at my passport and asked me for €5. I asked receipt in order to pay. He, of cause didn't. I insisted not to pay. Eventually, he, of cause gave my the stump.


Anyway, the Senegal part of my journey has been started.
The road became much better. My bicycle was very dusty though.

After 30km cycling, I arrived to a big town, Saint-Louis.
There was a market in the center, so many people were around.
Bonjour, a kid came to me and shook my hand with big smile.
A man talked to me and said "Welcome to Senegal".
It was very good mood. I loved it.

ここから30km走って最初の大きな街、サンルイに到着。街中に着くと市場があって人でごった返していた。小さな子供がボンジュールと話しかけて来たり、握手しに来たり、おっさんが良く来たな~ とニコニコして話しかけて来たり、とても感じが良い。

The center of Saint-Louis was in the island. To get there, I needed to cross the bridge called Pont Faidherbe. It was made in back to French colony term.
サンルイの中心地は島になっていて橋で渡るようになってる。この橋はフランス植民地時代の古い物でPont Faidherbeというらしい。

There were not cheap accommodation in the center, so I went to the another island where fishing harbor was.
Camping Ocean is on the lonely planet. Camping was for 3000CFA about $6.
They had a fancy hotel next to, so I could use their cafe for WiFi. I loved the atmosphere and people here so will pitch my camp here and take some time to see this town.

Camping Oceanというロンプラに載っていたキャンプ場があって、テント泊が3000セファー CAF 約600円。綺麗なホテルが隣にあってWiFi有、ビーチもすぐ目の前でホテルの人達もすごく親切。ここを拠点にしばらくサンルイ観光する事にする。

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