Saint-Louis, サンルイ観光
Saint-Louis was the first french settlement in Africa. It was used to be the capital of France territory of Senegal.
There were some colonial buildings left in the center.


I liked souvenir here.

I didn't want this by the way.

The island where my campground is is connected by a bridge from the main part of the city.
There is the fishing harbor. I need to go by every time when I go to the center by bicycle.
There were always crowd of people. It's very fun to watch.


From around noon, fishermen came back from the ocean with a lot of fish.
There is no wharf, so people transfer the container of fish one by one. It looked a lot of work.


There was a market in another side of historical bridge where I crossed yesterday.
There was also many people. Seemed the women were the leader of a market. They looked so powerful.

The market of Senegal was different from markets I've visited so far; of cause people, things to sell and atmosphere.
I was always impressed how African carried thing on their head skillfully.


In Senegal, general food such as potatoes, carrots etc.. were surprisingly not cheap. Especially, tomato was very expensive since those are transported from Spain.


Many buses were very scrap looking but running all around the town. Each has different design and colors. It was fun to look.


Senegalese dishes were generally cheap. If i pay 500 to 1500CAF, I could eat easily.
I'm very happy to be able to have rice everyday.


Coca-Cola was also from Africa!!
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