Happy Senegal, 楽しいセネガル
I love Senegal. Ive not expected such warm welcoming here. People were so nice; smiling and waving hands, especially in the country side. This part will be one of the best part of my journey for sure.


Every time when I passed by a small villages, little kids came out from their home and called me "Tubbab" which meant a tourist or white man. They were full of smiling and waving hands. They looked so excited to see a random tourist.

村を通る度に必ず小さい子供達が道路脇まで飛び出して来て「チュバーブ!!」(外人さ~んって意味) と手を降りながら追いかけて来る。

If I stopped, many children came around. They talked to me in French or Wolof, so I couldn't understand. I had a french learning book, but it was useless because my listening skill was very poor.
It was very frustrating. I should have learned more before.


In the first day, I camped at a school in a village. There were still many children left, so I was surrounded by many kids.


The road in Senegal was flat. The wind was still pushing my back, so I could cycle long distance in short period of the time.


Baobab trees have been appeared along the road side.
I hear the Senegal music from a car and motor bike while I'm cycling.
Those all makes my journey exciting.


Today, also, I stopped at a small village and asked people for camping. Young boys came to me and asked me to play football.


We played football in sandy ground. I emptied my energy so changed to goal keeper eventually.


Though language barrier was still big, I had a really fun.
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