How to travel Senegal, セネガルの走り方
In Senegal, getting a meal was not big deal. In the morning, women sell French bread and coffee. those cost $0.5.

セネガルでは飯に困る事はほとんど無い。朝はフランスパンとコーヒーが路上で売られていて 50円くらいで済ませられるし

At the noon, people sell sandwich beside the road. It cost about $0.5 as well.


I can find rice dish as well after noon.

I can eat it on sight and also take it out if I bring a pot.
I normally brought my pot and asked the portion with about $1.5. I have it as a dinner so don't need to cook.


Now, it's dry season here. There were watermelons sold everywhere.
A little one costs about 50 cents. I bought one and eat half. I gave away half of it to boys watching me.


For water, I buy from water man. There were normally men with donkey walking around a village and town and sold water.
I can get good fresh water in 20 cents for 7ℓ.


I found guys drinking baobab juice. I tried. It was very tasty like mango juice.


As you see this baobab tree, it has a lot of big fruits.


In this day, I camped at a village.

It was not the village. It was a big family community. Man had a two wives. They had both some children and ground kids as well.
Those all people made a small community that I thought a village.

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