Into The Gambia, ガンビアいん
Gambia is the smallest country in Africa entirely sandwiched by Senegal.


より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 2/2 を表示
There were two border crossing in the north. The route near the coast is the shortest way to the capital city Banjul. I took one different that crosses at Farafenni because I wanted to see inland more.


The way to the border was bad road with a lot of dust. I thought my bicycle would be broken.


A busy village before the border

The border was small. Local people were walking around to and from The Gambia side.


The Gambia is easy to travel. Official language of here is English. As I crossed the border, the word of greeting became "Hello" instead of Bonjour.
A boy about elementally school age came to me after the border. He was just asking me some questions like where you go and came.
I could make some conversations. It was more fun to travel without language barrier.


After cycling a few kilometers, the road ended at a bank of the Gambia river. There was ferries running to the other side.


Mangrove forests entirely covered along the river.

The vegetation here was like more tropical forest. I saw more big trees.


Some times a baboon crossed the road.

I see many anthills. One of them was over 5m tall.


I cycled in dusty road for quite long distance today so got my cloth very dirty.


Tendaba camp was my stop point for tonight. It was located in good point of distance.


This place was unexpectedly expensive. They asked me 450 dalasi, about $12 for camping. I asked discount for two nights. Then price was dropped to 350. It's still expensive but I accepted.
Only good thing was that I could have cold beer in good location.

Tendaba Camp テントで 2泊するからと交渉して1泊350ダラシ 約800円 安くは無い。でも冷えたビールはかなりの高ポイント。ウメー

It was a very nice prize with a cold beer after taking refreshing shower.

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