An worry, 悩み
People from The Gambia was also very gentle. I loved here as well. I started feeling more not to leave West Africa, though its tough region to travel; not enough infrastructure, hot climate and communication problem.

お金ちょうだいとか何かくれ~ とか言われるのは日常茶飯事。ムシムシ暑くて夜も汗だくで寝苦しい。言葉も通じないのが普通だし、苦しい事ばかり。

However, I love here. Gentle and friendly people but quite human, live musics and beautiful sunset guaranteed, those all make this part of the world deeply interesting. I am really not sure if I should leave west Africa.


Despite my desire, I had already bought an air ticket in Morocco.


I cannot decide right now. I have still some time so keep cycling till I can make a decision.


In the Gambia, I met many helpful people as well.
In Tendaba Camp, a boat captain, Alcau took care of me a lot. He almost everyday treated me with the Gambian dish and showed me around his village. He had never asked me money even though I wanted to give some money for at least food he served me.

ガンビアでも色んな人達に世話になった。Tendaba Camp で務めるボートガイド アルカウは自転車で旅している自分に興味を持ってくれて見返りも求めずすごく良くしてくれた。せめて飯代だけでも金を払おうとしても全く受け取らない。

He was very gentle man. I would feel really bad if I just left here with giving him nothing. I thought it would be good idea to give him a cell phone I have but don't use. It's because i remembered he sighed that his phone had been broken and he had been not able to talk to his bride; they just got merry but have never met each other because their parents arranged; this is normal in Africa.
Anyway, I gave my cell phone to him. I hope they got lived together soon.


From The Gambia, I will enter the southern part of Senegal, casamance.
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