The capital, Bissau, 首都ビサウ
Jose's family.

They were very nice family. They provided me a room, prepared the water for bathing and dinner.
I always meet helpful and kind people.

After I left his family and crossed couple of big bridges, I arrived to the capital, Bissau.
If I fly to east Africa, this city is the ending point of west Africa.


Unfortunately, this city was not comfortable to place to relax and think of my destination.
They have no power during the day time; some hotels and apartments have own generator that only start night.


There were no cheap hotels or guest house. I looked around the city for long time but only found an prostitution apartment. It cost 10000CFA, about $20, very bad service.


This city was not all bad. They had some interesting sight. Since they were portugal colony, there were some colonial buildings remained in the old center. If they could repair those buildings, this city would be more attractive for tourists.


Even they had a wharf for cargo-ships.

Fishing harbor

you can take a boat to the small islands from here. There will be postcard beach with no tourists.


The market was very crowded. This market was situated along the main street so all traffic had been blocked out by pedestrian. Looked bad city planing.

People here were also gentle and helpful.
They were very curious about random Asian cyclist. I got surrounded by people several times.
Some people just helped me. They didn't expect anything.
I was impressed by their hospitality.

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