Ferry from Ziguinchor to Dakar, ジガンジョール ダカール フェリー
There was the overnight ferry running between Ziguinchor and Dakar. It has been sunk 10 years ago, but now it became new ferry and run twice in a week.



I got a ticket for Sunday. At the day, I need to check in my bicycle.


The ferry looked the same as a decent ferry running Europe. Only deference was passenger; most of them were African. They carried enormous amount of luggage.
I understood why the ferry company asked passengers to come to the port 11:30 to 13:00 even though the departure time was 15:00. It took quite long time to check in.


This is Africa. I don't trust their service. I was watching my bicycle till someone brought to inside. A guy came and took my bike to the ferry. Then I got on board.


I booked a compartment for 8 persons that cost 18600CFA about $40. The cheapest class, seated class was only few dollars difference so I thought 8 persons compartment was the best choice.

自分は少し奮発して8人のコンパートメントを取った 18600CFA 約4000円。フリーの座席のみの値段と数百円しか変わらないから部屋を取った方がいろんな面でお得だと思う。

They had a small shop as well.

Bye bye Casamance. Will come back again.


The ferry run along the casamance river. Dolphins were playing with waves the ferry made.
The air was still hot, but sometime fresh breeze touched through my face. I was sitting on the deck.
I felt those fresh air cooling off the adrenaline on my brain.


Early next morning, 6am, the ferry arrived to Dakar. It was still dark outside.


From now, I will be very busy for preparation of the flight and of cause sightseeing.

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