Flying with bike, アフリカ輪行大作戦
The last time when I flew with my bike was between Istanbul and Melbourne.
Flying with bike consumes a lot of effort and energy. I really don't want if possible.


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My mission is to move my bicycle from Dakar to Nairobi.
There were couple of options to transfer the bike; using rapping machine or packing bike in a big box.
Just rapping bicycle might cause damage so I tend to use the box. I have to find a big box from somewhere. That will be the first step.


I started searching the big box and first went to couple of bike shops call City Sports. They didn't have. Then I went to other small bike shops but there were no boxes.
Also, I tried some electronic shops but same result.
I felt very strange why I couldn't find any. This is the capital, a very big town, Dakar.
I kept searching in an area where many wholesale shops were. Then...

そんなわけでまずは箱探し。町に繰り出して自転車を置いているCity Sportsという量販店を2件訪ねた。けれど結果は見付からず。その他いくつか小さな自転車も見たけど無い。その他電気屋に行ってみても大きなダンボールは無し。

Finally, I found boxes and many. Looked those were from all over of Dakar.
Those guy collected cardboards from many businesses in Dakar and sold these. They made a business out of rubbish. They were quite clever.


A Cardboard was normally free, but they priced 5 to $6 for big one.
I was too tired to negotiate after searching long time so paid $8 for couple of big ones and a tape.


This box still need to be resized. I cut and taped to make a proper size of bike box. It was really time consuming.


Next step is to bring my luggages and boxes to the air port.
My flight is 8am, and I need to check in before; I like to check in by 5:30am.
I thought it would be difficult to get a taxi in early in the morning so decided to bring luggages and boxes in the day before.


There was a storage room call Consigne Bagage at the air port. They store one for 700CFA.

預かり所はConsigne Bagageという施設で、荷物1個につき700CFA 約150円で1泊させてもらえた。

I took all small things from the frame so would need to work on only few things in the morning.


Tomorrow, I need to wake up at 3am. It's been well done so far. Hope nothing happened tomorrow.

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