Nairobi ナイロビ到着
I'm now in Nairobi. I got No damages on my bicycle and luggage.


At the Dakar airport, I was asked to check my bike box with handling men after on bored. I was taken to the baggage x-ray machine, and they asked me what those were. I was nervous because I thought I would loose my flight.
Then, a guy from Ethiopia airline came and explained the bicycle in the box. Finally, I and my bicycle box got released and on board again.


Via, Addis Ababa, I arrived to Nairobi, Kenya. It took 20h total. I was very very tired.


As my first impression of east Africa, I was shocked how many white men were. There were some Asian but nothing like western people.
Some people wore hiking shoes. They will probably go to Kilimanjaro tour.


Nairobi is famous for insecurity place; many robberies. It was still 2am when I arrived, so I waited till 8am with doing my bicycle sat up and Internet.


My bed is a guest house named Jungle Junction. It was quite far from the airport; I needed to cycle 30km.
Since I had found address of it before, I could get there without any problems.


Jungle Junction is very popular among over-landers, people who travel by cars, motorbikes and bicycles. There were many fancy cars and motor bikes inside.


Most of owners had been gone to their home country right now, so the guest house was quiet.
However, there were still some tourists including three Japanese backpackers. They had much better information than I do.
I will stay here for awhile to get more informations and take off.

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