Started cycling east Africa, 東アフリカ走行開始
I originally planed to stay in Nairobi for only couple of nights but ended up a week because the guest house I camped was too comfortable to leave, and also I went to Masai Mara tour.


My guest house was in the west of Nairobi where better neighborhood live, so I didn't feel any security problems.
However, Nairobi was still one of the worst city to live in the world. I saw a news repot that Mini bus exploded in east of Nairobi and killed some people. I hope I don't need to come back this city again.


Now, I'm heading to Tanzania. It will take 3 days to the border.

The Mombassa highway is the busiest highway in east Africa. I needed to cycle on this highway for 130km. It was horrible traffic as I expected.


Africans driving manner and technique were the worst in the world for sure. They have no idea what appropriate driving is.
I could see the car race with big container trucks and buses on the highway. I wished I could see a big accident but unfortunately not...


I was amazed that Giraffes were still grazing in the area where heavy traffic was.


In Kenya, finding a cheap guest house was easy like china.
Even in a small village, I saw a sign of hotel or guest house.


The cost of staying normally 500KS, about $6. Very cheap.

だいたい500シリング 約600円くらいが相場のようだ。

It would be over $15 in west Africa.

A Restaurant.

I can get decent amount of food in 150KS, about $2. This is a typical African dish called Pilau.


At the junction of Emali.

I filled up some food here.

From Emali, I went south. This road going to the border was much nicer and quieter.
In this area, Kenya and Tanzania border, this is the home land of Massai. I saw more Massai and their cattle grazing than other part of Kenya.
They normally wear casual cloth like anybody else, but some were covered with all traditional cloth. I was really fascinated.
I didn't take any photos of them because I heard that they didn't like it.

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