Mt. Kilimanjaro, キリマンジャロを拝んだ日
Kilimanjaro has been appeared as I got closer to the border of Tanzania.


Oloitokitok border post was not major border crossing. I first thought it would be only for local people. However, the owner of the guest house where I stayed in Nairobi told me that it was also for tourists.
It was good information, so I decided to use this border crossing.


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I had couple of reason to take this border. First was to see Kilimanjaro from North; I've heard that the view of the mountain would be much nicer from north.
The second was to cycle around Kilimanjaro after border crossing.


It was amazing ride.


The road goes by Amboseri national park, so I saw many animals grazing such as Giraffes, Gazzels and Impala.


To get to Oloitokitok was not easy because this town was in quite high elevation. I climbed for about 20km.
However, the view of savannah from the way up was breathtaking.


Oloitokitok. I wanted to drink a cup of the world famous Kilimanjaro coffee with watching actual mountain.
Nevertheless, It was disappointing that the mountain was totally covered by cloud.


I've heard that it was normal. Kilimanjaro was only visible for certain time in the morning when the air was clear.


Unexpectedly, Oloitokitok was quite big village. There were even a market and bank. I could exchange Kenya money to Tanzania money.


As long as I've seen in the village, they had plenty of choices of hotels and guest houses.
I checked in the hotel called Safari Lodge. It was nice and clean and cost only 500KS.

安宿も沢山あって自分は最初に目に入った宿 サファリロッジホテルにチェックインした。風呂トイレ付きで500シリング、安くて綺麗、良物件だった。

If I can see the mountain tomorrow morning, I cross the border of Tanzania. If not, I stay here till I can see the mountain.

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