Crossing Oloitokitok 国境越え
It will be the best to see the Kilimanjaro in early in the morning, about the sunrise, so I woke up 6am.


The mountain was visible and getting clear as the sun rose up.


By 7am, the sky became very clear. It seemed the lucky day for viewing mountain.


Time for drink a cup of Kilimanjaro coffee, so I went to cafe and asked the cup of coffee. Then, they brought in front of me. It was a cup of hot water and a can of instant coffee. Very disappointing but this is Africa.
Actually, I found later on that it was very normal way to serve coffee in east Africa. In west Africa, I could have better coffee since they were French culture.


I completed my mission; watching Kilimanjaro and drinking a cup of Kilimanjaro coffee so now crossing the border of Tanzania.


From Oloitokitok, the border was 11km east. It was small border post and very easy to process both side.
From here, I started cycling around Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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