Cycling around Mt.Kilimanjaro, キリマンジャロ外周走行
I want to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro. The problem is its' cost. The total cost is $1000 minimum. As a budget cyclist, it's not time for me to try.
Instead of climbing, I found an another good way to enjoy the Mt. Kilimanjaro; cycling around it.


より大きな地図で Cycling East Africa 1/2 を表示

From Oloitokitok, the road goes east and west both. Eather both side connects the Arusha and Dar es Salam highway.
I chose counter clockwise, west bound. The road went through a forest. A park reneger told me that there might be some elephants grazing, so I needed to watch carefully. Eventually, I saw no animals.

Oloitokitokの国境からは東に行っても西に向かっても国道(アルーシャ - ダルエスサラーム間)に抜けられる。自分は西に反時計回りで進む事にした。しばらくは舗装路で、森林地帯を進む。この辺りは良く像が出るから注意しなさいとレンジャーの人から注意を受けたけれど、何も動物は見なかった。

Kilimanjaro was some time visible from the forest.


A village I stopped.

I asked for some food, and they gave me a dish from last night. It was good. Tanzanian is also nice and friendly.


After cycling for awhile, the road became unpaved. It continued next 100km.
Seemed it was the season for potato flowers blooming. Masai was taking care of their lands.


In east Africa, a foreigner is called Muzung. Every time when I passed by a village, kids came out and said Muzung Muzung.
Some children said "Muzung! Chocolate". Seemed those had been fed chocolate by some Kilimanjaro hikers.
Feeding children directly is not good. This is the result. If they want to give some thing to the children, giving things to their parents or teachers is appropriate route, I believe.

東アフリカでは外人をムズングと呼ぶ。だから村を通過する度に子供がムズングーー! と叫びながら追いかけて来る。1言目にチョコレートくれとか、ペンくれーとか言って来る輩がいるのを見ると、キリマンジャロ登山の連中が相当物を与えているようだ。正直子供に物を与えるのは止めてもらいたい。あげるなら大人や学校の先生にあげて彼等から子供に渡すのが全うなルート。子供に直接物を与えると、後々こういう事になる。

There were many Masai villages along this route, so I didn't have any problem for getting life supplies.
The first day, I asked for camping in a local village. A person I talked brought me a place belonging to the church.


From this place, Mt.Kilimanjaro was very beautifully seen.


The Kilimanjaro viewing lodge for tourists costs at least $300. It's a bit pity.


This is a cup of decent coffee. It's not kilimanjaro coffee but much better than instant coffee at a African cafe.


From west, Mt.Kilimanjaro was like this.


The view from north was the best. Now, Mt. Meru became visible. This mountain is also quite big, about 4800m.


From west, the Arusha and Dar es Salam highway was not far. The tour route was ended in the town called Boma. Now, I started seeing much traffic.
I really recommend this route and the border post, Oloitokitok.

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