Good Off Road, 楽しい未舗装
Unsealed section has begun from Babati till Dodoma, about 250km.

Babati からドドマまでの約250kmの区間は未舗装。赤土の道を埃まみれになりながら走った。

The road condition was not really good, and upping and down steeply. But it was really exciting to ride on dusty African dart road and passing by many small villages.


Thousand years old giant acacia trees made a good shade along the way.


Pure blue sky and white cloud.

Kids like to chase a bicycle.

Every time when I passed by a small village, kids found me and shouted "Muzung!! Jambo Jambo!!".
They were so cute and funny.
They always stopped and make some distance between, about 5m. I don't know why. Seemed 5m distance was their pre-cautious distance.

アフリカの子供は好奇心の塊、すごい勢いで「ムズングー! ジャンボ!ジャンボ!」と叫んで追いかけて来る。可愛いもんでみんなだいたい至近距離には来ない。5mくらいの間隔を空けて立ち止まってこちらの出方を伺うようだ。ここは走ってるだけで面白かった。

Many baobab trees had been appeared as I got close to Kondoa.


The road got pretty badly. Small rocks, 2-3cm big covered on the road, so it was hard to cycle. Couldn't keep sitting on my saddle.


Lunch break, 昼休憩

Every once in awhile, a bus passed by, and those buses went very fast on this bad road. The drivers of this bus must be damaged on their brain by a lot of vibration.


The wire cable of my handle bag was torn off by hard vibration. I fixed it with break cable.


By the end of the year, I finally arrived to Dodoma. I was so tired. The town was surprisingly very quiet though it was a day before the new year. I cerebrated my arrival and ending 2013 by very cold coca-cola that I haven't been able to find for last 5 days.

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