First three days of the new year, 三ヶ日の過ごし方
I did nothing special for the first three days of new year. Mostly stayed at my guest house and sometimes went out to see this town.
Dar es Salam is substantially the capital of Tanzania. Dodoma is the actual capital of Tanzania though there are not much things to see. It looks just regular country town. The market was good place to see.


Dodoma was a quite peaceful town. It was nothing like Nairobi and Arusha. I didn't feel any security problems.


There were many second hand goods from Japan in Tanzania. As I cycled and walked, I found many things from Japan.
Example, the mini buses are almost all from Japan.


This mini bus was used to be a bus for a kindergarden. For me, it looked so funny because many black people were in the kindergarden's bus.


This bus was used to be for a high school soccer club.
If the high school soccer team with "God is Great" bus came to a match, it would be so strange.

この写真のおっさんは大分西高校の生徒ではありません。このバスでサッカーの試合会場に現れたらみんな引くだろうな。God is Great って。。このフレーズは日本時代は無かった・・・と思いたい。

This was a ambulance for Osaka province.


Post office motor bike

Many people use second hand "mamachari" Japanese bicycle.


One of them still had a sticker of East Kusatu high school.


The guest house I stayed for 4 nights even though I got bed bugs. I was just very un-energetic to move out.


Greasing up bearings.

Today was the last day for resting. I will start cycling from tomorrow.

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