First Pedaling 2014, イライラ走り初め
My first pedaling in this year was not good start.
The reason was that people, kids and adult both on my way were extremely beggars. They all said "Hey Give me money, money money!!" without greeting. It didn't matter weather or nor I was on a bicycle. They considered immediately a tourist as money. There were no hospitality at all. I felt really stress.


Tanzania is one of poorest countries in the world, especially its' poverty level of interior is higher than other part because of drought, disease such as HIV etc.. I was right there. I thought poverty caused fiscal attitude of people to the others.


However, I didn't mean all people were the same way. I could make general conversation with some people. At the local restaurants and shops, they mostly asked me decent prices.
I was very confused why. People think of me as money, but they still gave me honest price and never tried to rip me off.


The way of south from Dodoma, I passed through some serious drought areas. Baobab trees were still without leaves.


Many people came to a pump to get the fresh water. I sometimes stopped there to get drinking water. Those were drinkable for me though it was still muddy color.


Kids were sweet till stat saying "Money". One time, a teacher asked me money. I was deeply disappointed. This is Tanzania.


Woman at a local restaurant with a baby.

Woman making Ugari

Tanzanian women were not very frank as long as I felt. However, they were more honest and attentive than men.
In Africa, men were strongly dominated. Girls don't go to a school and help their parents at home. This is very common in country side, so it was very rear to find a woman to be able to speak English.

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