Dodoma-Iringa, ドドマからイリンガまで
The road between Dodoma and Iringa had been under construction by china. It was easy to cycle in most of the part.


Most of the workers were African. In Tanzania, unemployment rate is very high. I thought China was doing good on the people though their working condition and benefit might be not good enough. It's still better than nothing.


In Africa, all Asian are "Chinese". I was called "Hey China" some times. It annoys me every time.
However, China is the biggest nation involved development of Africa, so I understand that i cannot change people to say "Hey Japan".
Actually, Japan also has been investing Africa with a lot lot of money(ODA), but image of investment still dominated by "China".


A bee flew into my sunglasses and stuck between a glass and eyelids. Then he stings my eyelid. I became very ugly.


There were much more upping down than I expected for Tanzania. Going up hill to Iringa. Nice view of forested area.


Road-less. Ruaha National Park is not far from here.


At a lunch, Wali, local name of rice has been done for cooking in early afternoon.
They have also Ugari, but I prefer rice.


The menu was always one choice. Wali Nyama, rice with beef stew or Ugari Nyama, Ugari with beef stew. Banana is local preferred essence on the rice. It was actually good.


A Chameleon crossing road. He walks very slowly. Strange looking.


Actually, he can run faster. As I tried to catch him, he cried and crossed the road very quickly. He might be just lazy like African.
There were many strange spices in Africa.


Especially, during the nights, many strange things came out. This is one of them. a centipede or what??
At a cheap local guest house, I saw very nasty looking big spider in the toilet. There were enormous amount of cockroaches as well. I was almost passed out.
African toilet can make a good competition with Chinese toilet.

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