Boring section from Iringa, つまらんイリンガから
It was very boring and tiring distance for 400km between Iringa and Mbeya, the transit town en route Zambia and Malawi.


より大きな地図で Cycling East Africa 1/2 を表示

Just bushy view along the way, there were no enjoyable sight such as baobab and acacia growing up or wild animals grazing.


Southern Tanzania is now rain season. I got scatter shower almost everyday.
Every afternoon, rain cloud was formed up on the sky and started showering.


After shower is refreshing but...This main road is really dangerous with big trucks and buses. I hated it. African's driving is really really crazy. They are absolutely worst in the world.
I was really pleased that I had a miller on my eye glasses so could check trucks coming behind.
I strongly recommend any cyclists who plans to cycle here to have the miller. It must well worth.

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