OMG Finally Σ(゚д゚lll)ついに
My camera, iPhone and many small things have been stolen. Other important things such as bicycle, credit cards and passport were safe.


I was staying at a hotel called Holiday Hotel in Mbeya for three nights. In the day I was leaving, I closed the door and went to breakfast at the restaurant located next to the hotel. After 10 to 15min, I went back to the room. The door was opened, and I found my camera and iPhone had been stolen. I'm pretty for sure that the one who stole was someone in the hotel


I can still remember how I was so shocked when I saw my front bag without the camera.


I don't have PC so use my iPhone for everything.
I lost photos from Nairobi to Mbeya that I haven't save on my HDD, about for last a month.
These two things were the most painful things stolen.


The total value I lost was about over$1000.
However, I have a chance to get some money back. I have an insurance that covers loosing personal belongings.
I can't expect 100% back but hope some back.
The average income for normal African in Tanzania is about $100 up to $200, so the one who took my things got more than half year of his or her income....


I had extra stays in Mbeya for getting police report, finding a new computer, smart phone and camera.


The owner of Holiday Hotel was very kind and helped me to work on my problems. His family was originally from India, and he has now a quite big business in Mbeya.


Mbeya was not good place to find advanced items, but surprisingly I found a iPhone5c. For cameras, all I could see at shops were "Rubbish" and price was more than double compared to Japan, so I gave up and just use the camera on the iPhone.


After 3 days, I got the police report and sent it to insurance company. iPhone was sat up enough to keep updating.
I very thank to the owner of Holiday Hotel who helped to solve problems.

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