I came to Chilumba, a small town in the north of the lake. The steam boat is supposed to be running from here. I went to the port and asked about the boat. There was but it runs only once a week and it was on Thursday, 4 days from when I arrived.
I was thinking how I should; give up steam boat or stay here for 4 days.

どうしようかと迷いながらもとりあえずの宿を探すと何とも良い感じなキャンプ場を発見。Thunduzi Beach Camp.

I decided to stay here because I found a nice camp ground with beach in front.


It was really good location and price was reasonable. It will be a good resting stop.


I believed I mentioned before that I used to have an aquarium at home and loved it. My aquarium was mainly for water plants, but I also liked fish.
I was loving to see the fish from all over the world at a aquarium shops or just reading a book of picture books.


Lake Tanganyika and Malawi were one of the famous place for endemic species. I've seen fish from this lake many many time at the shop or books. This is very exciting for me to visit this lake and seeing real fish swimming in the lake.


This fish, I got from fisherman is called mouth breeder, a fish taking care of her young fish in her mouth until those got big enough. This can be seen only in lake Malawi.


I cooked this fish with soy sauce. It was really tasty.


This lake supports many lives. People catch fish, wash, bath and do almost everything in this lake.


This lake is still very clear, and no much rubbish can be found on the beach. I was really impressed.

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