Days for waiting for Steamer, Chilumbaの蒸気船待ちの日々
Malawi, one of friendliest people in east and Southern Africa, it might be true. As I stay here since few days ago, I discovered that more people smiling and greeting to me. Of cause, I have been still asked for money or things but it is all the same in Africa. Without thinking about it, people were very nice to me.
Thus, I'm very enjoying for staying in this small village, Chilumba.


There were always some people doing thing on the beach; fishermen catching fish, kids running, caws drinking water etc...


Almost every time when I walked on the beach, children came and greet me.
They wore vey torn out cloth but their smile was shining enough to hide their cloth.


Small fisherman craft passed by the beach.


This is the chance to buy fish. The life is very simple here. People go to the beach to find a fisherman coming back. If there was, start negotiating.
The price is depending on the fish. Some are cheap and some not.
The one I posted photo before was not expensive; 5 for 1000MK, about $2. The one called blue fish is expensive; one for 500.
The life here is very fun.


While my stay in Chilumba, I walked to different part of village. About an hour walk on the beach and some rocky trail to the north, there was very beautiful small coves.


The water was even more clear. As I walked on the sand of the bottom, small sands ascended and shining in the water.


People where I camped, Thunduzi Beach Camp.

Thunduzi Beach Campの人達。

There were couple of loges in Chilumba but the location and price was the best here. People were very helpful.

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