Steam Boat of Malawi, マラウイの蒸気船
This steamer named Ilala. People won't recognize if I just say "Steamer". This is definitely the most famous boat in Malawi.


She had run till Monkey bay by last year, and now only run till Likoma island via Nkhata bay.
From Likoma, people can possibly transfer different boat called "Chambo". It stops some ports in Mozambique and eventually arrives Chipoka, Malawi.

去年まではマラウイ湖最南のモンキーベイまで行っていたらしいのだけれど今はNkhata bayを経由してLikomaまでしか行かないらしい。Likomaからは違う船、これは蒸気船では無い新しい船Chamboというモザンビークの船が出ていて、モザンビークの港をいくつか経由してマラウイのChipokaまで行ってるらしい。もしChilumbaからChipokaまで行きたい場合は、Likomaで船を乗り継ぐ。詳しくは下のスケジュールで確認して下さい。

Ilala leaves Chilumba on Thursday at 6am. A guy at a ticket office in Chilumba told me to come on Wednesday night, so I got on board a day before and slept inside.


My bicycle was stored on bow of the boat. I kept my luggage and locked all together.


I slept on the deck of economy class. There were many cockroaches.
Then, next morning Ilala left Chilumba but it was an hour after 6am..


This is African boat. People carry strange things like firewood, straw etc...


They had a kitchen so I could have things during cruising. The breakfast was 800 MK, about $1.7 with 4 slices of bread and a cup of tea.

ちゃんと台所完備で飯が食える。朝はお茶と食パン4枚、800クワチャ 170円くらい。

She stopped 4 different small villages along the lake and picked up people by small boat.


In this boat, there were many crews. I didn't understand why they need such many crews.
This is Africa.


After 13 hours, she finally arrived to Nkhata bay. I have planed to Scuba Diving here.

13時間後やっと目的地のNkhata Bay に到着した。ここで久々のスキューバダイビングをする。

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