Scuba Diving in Lake Malawi, マラウイ湖で淡水ダイブ
It's been a long time since I scuba dived in the last time. It will be my first over-sea-scuba diving and in fresh water.


The price of it was really expensive in Malawi; 1day dive and 1night for $100!! There are no many places in the world for the people to be able to scuba dive in fresh water with full of endemic species, so of cause I did it.


The visibility was about 10m and average depth was about 15m. There were so many fish in the water. I was very impressed.


I saw many fish that I've only seen on TV or at an aquarium shop such as the mouth breeding fish, the fish swimming upside down, catfish , fish coming out only in the night etc..


I was happy enough for these two dives. However, If the price was cheaper, I preferred to do more. It's okay.


The Dive Shop was Aqua Africa. It's only one shop in Nkhata Bay, I assumed. This British own shop was neatly fanished, but their service was neither good nor bad.

ダイブショップはNkhata Bayにあるアクアアフリカ。イギリス人オーナーの小綺麗なショップ。何か業務的にこなす所があまり好きでは無かったけれど、可もなく不可もなくといったショップだった。
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